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Apr 17, 2024, 03:19 PM

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Niger Tells the US Military to Get Lost and Close the Base in Agadez

Started by Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt, Mar 22, 2024, 09:28 PM

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Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt

The military regime in Niger denounced the military cooperation agreement with the United States dating from 2012 after a three-day visit by senior American officials to Niamey and has told us to basically get lost. This follows on the heels of France after the former French colony told the France military to get out. The last French soldier left in December
Mr. Abdramane characterized the US military presence as  a burden in Niger forcing Niger to pay billions of dollars per year for the military base and drone operations we have in Niger.    We have a little more than 1000 soldiers in Niger and a major drone base in Agadez.
The military junta came to power on July 26th, 2023 overthrowing the current president and denounced military agreements with France.
Editorial: Niger is really pissed off at the United States over being accused of supplying Uranium for Iran's nuclear weapons program and also still holds a grudge against us after the late Colin Powell accused Niger of supplying Uranium to Iraq and then going in and invading the country based on this fabrication.